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In an Afrikan centered context, our purpose is building Afrikan children to be exceptional, academically intense, driven and disciplined human beings. Its organic approach concentrates on Reading, Mathematics, Focus, Geography, Health, and Cultural Enrichment. We are a private home school institution with specific measurable goals.



We offer French, Kiswahili, Tai Chi, Piano, Science, Biology, and more in a home school environment.

The vision is to build a grand Afrikan that will display to the world a new type of leader with a global self-determined, politically whole, and holistically substantial stake in his or her own global independence.

We feel that all Afrikan children have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited–and–limiting–perception of society. Considering the constant challenges and views against the progress of building warriors for the future of Afrikan people in this context, we recognize that our program may not be the best fit for every child’s social/behavioral disposition. With this understanding, we respectfully reserve the right to not admit students in the pre-screening of admission. This program is holistic in nature that addresses how the world is viewed. Therefore we teach about international policy and how it places the Afrikan so that our students can be clear on how to move with confidence in this competitive world.

If you have questions about our program, please call us to discuss by appointment, or send us a message through our contact page.


Anatomy 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Vocabulary Science 100, 200, 300, 400 (M.B.S), 500 (M.B.S) Afrikan History Spanish Chinese French 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 English Literature English Grammar 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Critical Thinking Chemistry 500 Chemistry Lab Biology Life Science Science Pre-Engineering Pre-Med Lab Computer Science Algebra I 100, Algebra II 100 Geometry Language Arts Social Studies 200 U.S. History Astronomy Ju-Jitsu Math Writing


The program we use, AIS Intelligence, has bold moves, with major shifts and reversals from traditional American education. This program is built on a lifestyle of Afrikan centered consciousness, movement towards a self determined existence, political education, and homeschooling. We recognize that in order for our Afrikan youth to be global critical-free thinkers, that many “normal” Western practices and tendencies have to be thrown away to truly embrace this revolutionary vehicle of education. This program is tightly regimented and disciplined environment is its key to success. We develop these thinkers’ potential at their own pace through frequency, duration, and techniques of FLOW [© AIS Intelligence].

Our environment is strict and behaviorally structured. The instructors give intense energy into the success of each student’s academic performance in a 52 week school year. The self learning concept fosters habits of reading and the ability to think beyond school level. This also helps foster the ability to solve problems never faced before. Based on the structured environment, behavioral disruptions are not tolerated as it disrupts the flow of the program.



Our Afrikan Centered Schools are founded with principles of academic excellence, Afrikan consciousness and pride, integrity, and political awareness. We offer Math, Science, English, French, Afrikan Ourstory and Urban Agriculture and Sustainability along with Chess, Jiu-Jitsu and Tai-Chi. The goal is to educate, nurture and prepare our children to be global competitors. Meet our staff and learn how our students consistently exceed traditional standards.


We developed The Principles of Positive and Critical Thinking which includes one of these principles as being the principle of identity which asserts instruction of the major subjects are rooted in identity--instruction from an African center. Assertive with brevity along with logical thought, we analyze what is there. With creative thought, we contemplate what ISN'T there and vision is the art of seeing the invisible. Our children have the potential of creative thinking. Stay Clarity is always the preeminent concern when writing, and the most important factors that determine a clear sentence are word choice, sentence structure, and punctuation. People often associate clarity with sentence length, but a 55-word sentence can be immediately clear, and a 12-word sentence can leave you puzzled. It depends on whether the words are easy to grasp, the sentence is easy to follow, and the punctuation conveys a clear meaning. So our 4 and 5 year olds are instructed and guided through sentence structure, coupled with vocabulary building, while mastering parts of speech.


Our method – regimented and demanding – focuses on teaching students to analyze and critically solve problems. Our students pursue a rigorous curriculum in reading, writing, mathematics, and science; and they begin in the early grades to study foreign languages, music, and the arts. In the process, they learn to be responsible and independent in their studies, and to work on their own and with others.

Our curriculum provides a continuum of skills in each of the core subject areas in order to allow for earlier mastery and greater depth of understanding than would be anticipated in a more typical curriculum. It places heavy emphasis on critical and creative thinking, inquiry and discovery strategies, problem solving, and rapid pacing.

The quality of students’ products is determined by appropriate levels of achievement and demonstrated proficiency. In the Iwa through Panther grade level, work is evaluated according to defined benchmarks. Assessments are a combination of narrative and rubric.

Iwa Grade level – Pre-school 2-4 years

Garvey Grade level – Kindergarten

Mali Grade level – 1st Grade through 2nd Grade

Panther Grade level - 3rd through 4th Grade

Akan Grade level - 5th through 6th Grade

Sankofa Grade level - 7th through 8th Grade

Asafo - High school Course study is cored through independent study and intense test preparation.

Core Curriculum is Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, African Culture and Thought, Foreign Language (French, Kiswahili), and Social Studies

  • Practical Life: enhances the development of hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, and cognitive order through care of self, care of the environment, development of social relations and coordination of physical movement.
  • Sensorial: the sensorial area enables the child to order, classify and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, temperature, mass, color, pitch, etc.
  • Mathematics: this section of the environment makes use of manipulative materials to enable the child to internalize concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations and memorization of basic facts.
  • Language Arts: this area incorporates all language development, written expression, reading, the study of grammar, creative dramatics, and children’s literature. Basic skills in writing and reading are developed through the use of sandpaper letters, alphabet cut-outs and various presentations, allowing children to link sounds and letter symbols effortlessly and to express their thoughts through writing.
  • Cultural Activities: this area exposes the child to the basics in geography, history, life sciences and earth sciences. Music, art, and movement education are part of the integrated cultural alphabet.

The Iwa Grade Level through the Panther Grade Level focuses on intellectual stimulation and development of the children. It is during these formative years that the social, physical and intellectual functioning of the child is unified. The most important function of the these Grade Levels is to provide children with an early and general foundation that includes a positive attitude toward learning, inner security and a sense of order, pride in the physical environment, abiding curiosity, a habit of concentration, habits of initiative and persistence, the ability to make decisions, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility to other members of the class, academy and community. This foundation will enable them to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills throughout their school career and life.

The Akan Grade level through Asafo High school Course Study work is evaluated according to a graded scale based on curriculum benchmarks. This departmentalized program offers curriculum appropriate to individual acceleration requirements, including content at the senior high level. The traditional academic areas are enhanced with high level Mathematics, Critical Thinking and Logic, Philosophy, Future Problem Solving, and a number of electives based on students interests.

Teaching Methods

Instruction can be divided into two broad categories-proactive and reactive. These two styles of instruction stem from very different psychological bases. The proactive style is learner-centered and views learning as an individualized process of discovery and growth. In this mode, learners take the initiative and assume the primary responsibility for their education; the teacher acts as the facilitator or catalyst, taking cues from the learners’ interests. Planning is fluid and somewhat open.

Reactive instruction places the learner in the position of responder. The teacher is the initiator and carries the major responsibility for whatever learning takes place. The assumption is that learners must, to some extent, be force-fed. The teacher is the planner, decision maker, and court of appeal. The learner reacts to the teacher’s initiatives, plans and decisions, and relies on the teacher’s assessment of his or her progress.

We utilize both methods based on the students learning style. We use manipulatives, repetition, and memory as well. We also encourage thought and comprehension through association. We utilize audio, Chalkboard, Debates, Displays, Field trips/research, Flip chart, Illustrated lecture, Large & small group, Real objects, Simulation, Supervised study, Verbal illustrations, Writing, Brainstorming, Demonstration, Dramatizations, Films-video, Games, Independent study, Library research, Oral recitation, Projects, Resource persons, Slides, Team teaching, Bulletin boarding, Community study, Discovery, Drill & practice, Information sheets, Listening, Question & Answer, Review, Speaking, Visual illustrations, Homework, Lab work, List/Diagram, Problem solving, Read out loud, Role-playing, Step-by-step.

© AIS Intelligence

African Family of Students

Freedom Home Academy is a lively, close-knit community where every student is known and cared for as an individual and part of the African family whole. We encourage them to stretch, take risks, and see education as a lifelong adventure. Early on lessons are highly individualized and keyed to milestones in intellectual, social, and ethical development. Our continuing theme is respect self, family, and community with no contradiction.

Parents are encouraged to participate in enhancing the educational environment by extending the learning at home.

If you have questions about our program, please call us to discuss by appointment, or send us a message through our contact page.

He who does not know, can know from learning.

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